Documentation For Divi 404 Error Page Layouts

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How to import the layout pack and use them on your website:
Follow the below steps to install the Divi Layout into your Your site.

Step - 1

1. Download the Zip file and extract so you have access to the files.

Step - 2

Go to your site and locate ‘Divi’> ‘Divi Library’> ‘Import and Export’

Step - 3

Import Layout (.json) file on on Divi -> Divi Library -> Import & Export Button

Step - 4

Click On Import Option > Choose File > Choose Given Divi Library .json File

Step - 5

After import layout json files you can see Divi Layouts are in below

Step - 6

Go to Divi Theme Builder & Create New Template : To start creating the 404 page template, go to the Divi Theme Builder in your Divi settings.

Step - 7

Create New Template : Click on ‘Add New Template’ and set up a new template for your 404 page > Use On: 404 Page

Step - 8

Hide Header & Footer Area : Continue by hiding the custom header and footer of your 404 page by clicking on the eye icon.

Step - 9

4. Build Global Body : Once you’ve gone through all previous steps, you can start building the 404 page body by selecting ‘Add From Library’.

Step - 10

Now Go to Your Saved Layouts and choose your 404 error page layout

Step - 11

Save Theme Builder Changes : Once your design is done, you can save all the template’s settings. That’s it!

Step - 12

Let’s take a final step put your CSS code from your zip file (404 Layout zip) > Style.css File > Copy all CSS code and paste to Divi Theme Options > Custom CSS